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Collective life insurance has the following characteristics, group selection as a whole, For medical disclosure to members. The benefits of healthy food — do not do• Health is the most expensive thing that man has. The policy can be issued as soon as individuals agree to the insurance process, which contains all the conditions, in addition to which all insurance data are determined. These products contain calcium, iodine, selenium and omega-3 fatty acid. Insurance companies have emerged to achieve the desired goal of insurance for people. The contract usually complies with the amount that the company pays to the heirs or beneficiaries in the event of the death of the policyholder. Eat plenty of healthy food and foods rich in vitamins and minerals — vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system, and are considered antioxidants. Good health is a source of happiness for the human being, which is not only felt by its value, it must be maintained at the beginning by keeping away from one of the major pathogens these days , Which suffers from many, and is the extra weight is one of the problems of the times, and causes many diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and diseases of joints and pressure, and should be constantly exercise and increase movement and activity, and eating healthy, and Avoid smoking, and take preventive measures to keep away from infection Satisfied with various infectious diseases. Of the individual life insurance policies in the health check of the insured or the insured. Eat milk and milk products daily, fish once or twice a week, meat, sausages and eggs in moderate amounts. Therefore, measures must be taken to prevent disease. People often have major problems and difficulties in maintaining Their health is better than they have access to health. Fire insurance: This type of insurance compensates for losses caused by fires, explosions and lightning, whether such losses have been caused to movable property, such as contents or immovables, such as factories or commercial offices. This may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Such documents cover more than one type of risk, such as comprehensive car insurance. General insurance companies: These companies are responsible for insurance on the property of the subscriber, providing him with compensation in cases of fire and theft, and provides insurance on all types of transport, in addition to providing insurance on the civil liability of participants against others, such as cases of car accidents. The person who does not have health insurance has He cannot receive treatment, or pay for it if he has a disease or a health related accident. Human health is divided into physical health and mental health. The policy may contain additional contracts or additional benefits including disability, disability and serious illness, or a plan to ensure the university education of children or any other goals or programs. As part of a healthy diet, these sugars should be avoided. Principles of insurance companies The insurance companies follow a set of principles they are committed to while providing a service to the customer; to maintain the customer, attract other subscribers to the company, and some of these principles guarantee the loss of insurance companies, the system of principles is based on substantive technical and legal basis; Safe to the parties, these principles are: It is recommended to eat natural products instead of processed food products, ie whole grains, vegetables, meat and fresh fish. This type of insurance is more economical than individual insurance policies that cover only one risk There are also documents the collective insurance that covers a group of people have the same conditions against hazards, such as: workers, students and peasants. Life insurance can be defined as a sum of money that insurance companies pay to the heirs of the insured person or the persons who have chosen him as beneficiaries of that amount, which is in the form of a policy, for a sum of money paid by this insured person to the company in the form of monthly installments Or annual. Fiber helps to facilitate the passage of food in the intestine, remove excess estrogen and other toxins in the body. The body is enough to take 60 to 80 grams of fat a day. Eat more than 40 grams of fiber, especially fiber in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Life insurance: Life insurance is important, especially for people who have a family and have children. Property insurance: It is property insurance, which is mandatory when there is a mortgage; that is to say borrowing from the bank; to buy a house for example, in which case the person is obliged to insure the property; the property insurance is important to the owners; And compensates them in case of fire, theft or disaster. People resort to insurance companies to take advantage of the amount provided by these companies as compensation for some of the risks they are exposed to, such as burning their homes, or being robbed, or in cases of illness, disability, etc. Most of those who grow up with age are complaining about health. , and these companies are the most important economic sectors in these days, That the subject of the article revolves around insurance, we must define it clearly, where the insurance is linguistically defined as security, reassurance, and the disappearance of fear, the legal definition of it is summarized as a contract under which the insured to compensate the losses suffered by the insured, Cash paid by the insured is called premium insurance. Meat contains mineral salts and vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Canned, smoked or pickled foods. In a few studies, there has been a link between diets rich in these foods and the development of cancer, especially esophageal cancer and stomach cancer — in countries such as Japan and China, where they eat plenty of pickled vegetables and Iceland, where they eat more smoked meat, The proportion of these cancers is much higher. White meat, such as chicken liver, is healthier than red meat, such as beef. — To maintain daily exercise for at least half an hour and to familiarize the body with the permanent movement, in order to stimulate blood circulation and expand the lungs and strengthen the body and muscles and nerves, and improve the mood of the human. They mainly eat vegetables from the Crusader family broccoli, cauliflower , radish, celery, celery, lettuce, garlic, onion, spinach, asparagus, avocado, tomatoes containing lycopene. It is recommended to eat bread and pasta made from whole grains brown flour, not white and rice and breakfast cereals. Some may not know the simple things that can be taken into account, in addition to the exercise and healthy eating that are not enough to get enough health. Health is the most expensive thing a man has, and he cannot afford it Only those who have suffered pain, and the bitterness of medicines, and the night of the severity of the pains, so must be healthy by doing all that benefits, and stay away from all that harms. The following are mentioned after the tips that can help you stay healthy: — Obtain sufficient hours of sleep every day for at least eight hours while avoiding sleep because it causes a lot of health problems such as weight gain, insomnia and skin pigmentation, and try to accustom the body to sleep early, before the eleventh hour to regulate the biological clock and restore the cells of the body. Car insurance: There are many countries that require people who own cars to insure on their cars, as well as the purchase of a car by borrowing, in this case is the insurance in two types: liability insurance; it covers damage to the other vehicle in In the event of an insured accident, collision insurance covering damage to the insured vehicle, and most car insurance policies cover death due to traffic accidents if the insured is legally liable, But the higher the insurance coverage, the higher the amount paid. Fire insurance can also include other types of hazards , Which must be attached to the insurance policy, such as thefts, aircraft crashes, earthquakes, or damage from vehicle collisions. People always strive to stay healthy, free from disease, and have a healthy body, through which they can do what they want without any trouble, and can grow old without suffering from the problems of aging. Dietary fiber is particularly important to prevent the development of colon cancer, one of which is the presence of a small amount of fiber in the food. It is therefore recommended to take vegetable oils and fats such as soybean oil, kale and their products. Try to stick to a balanced daily diet program that contains carbohydrates, fiber, and plant-free nutrients rich in salts. It is worth mentioning that the employer can provide health insurance for his employees, and health insurance can be a personal effort. The constant movement and change in lifestyle, such as sitting long hours behind the work offices, or behind the screens, these things increase the incidence of many diseases, so it is necessary to exercise and movement to stimulate blood circulation, which in turn activates all organs of the body and its members. You must avoid the tradition of others or follow others. Simple sugars — Simple sugars raise blood sugar levels, damaging the immune system. About the benefits of drinking olive oil , nuts, deep water fish, legumes legumes and others , wheat grass, marine algae, wheat germ, nuts and seeds containing vitamin E. This reduces the risk of diseases associated with poor nutrition. When a person is an independent personality, he is more positive and able to resist the pressures of life. Potato contains rich vitamins, mineral salts and starches. Insurance policies vary according to the subject of insurance: the insured thing, the purpose of the insurance, and the risks covered by it, knowing that there are insurance documents issued for the insured person itself, namely individual insurance policies, including life insurance policies. Individual life insurance includes all documents that are issued on the life of one individual or on the lives of a very limited number of individuals related to a particular relationship such as documents issued on the life of a couple or spouses and children together, or documents issued on the life of the joint partners in the companies of persons. Fat contains essential fatty acids and vitamins, which give the body great energy; but over-eating may lead to obesity. To maintain a healthy and complete nutrition, do not eat too much meat and sausages, 300 to 600 grams sufficient per week. You must think positively and keep away from the negative thoughts that invade the mind. It is recommended to eat at least 30 grams of product carbohydrates, made from whole wheat grains. Health insurance: Health insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that can be cared for by the individual because health is the most important thing in human life, which helps him to live better and achieve all his desires in life. Rely on the natural materials used in the cleaning and beautification of the body, such as shampoos, creams and toothpastes, and avoid the use of chemically manufactured commercial materials. For example, eat a fresh apple instead of drinking sugar-sweetened apple juice. The period of coverage covered by this insurance is 5- 30 years, and humiliation If for a certain period, there is a permanent insurance that covers the entire life, if the payment continues installment. Collective life insurance is the kind of life insurance that covers a group of people with a certain connection, often a work link, or a single trade union under a single document. To protect health and prevent disease as diseases are widespread and especially infectious diseases. But it makes it difficult for many to see the wrong ways they use to achieve full health, This is why S. Check the source and validity of the fish before purchasing them. Keeping health requires lifelong insistence and follow-up on your diet and your whole life. It is a legal guide to the insurance agreement, in which the conditions covering the compensation, such as the amounts paid by the insurance company, are determined. The most important of these measures is to maintain hygiene, washing hands with soap to get rid of germs, continuous bathing, Eat healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables washed well, and necessary to drink water in sufficient quantities, it works to strengthen the body and the fight against infectious diseases, and prefer not to go to crowded places in the event of any infectious disease, and must stop smoking to reduce Of lung disease and cancer. There is also a type of insurance policy called a vehicle insurance policy. The insurance policy is an official document of the insurance company for the insured, so that the indemnity cover becomes effective for the insured. In order to achieve good health, the two parts must be maintained. They are known as commercial companies that receive payments from their subscribers, either directly, as some life insurance cases, or indirectly, by paying the premium, and in turn invests these funds, Commercial banks have a dual role in receiving money, investing it and paying it to subscribers in case of danger. The insurance policy defines the insurance policy as a document detailing an agreement between the insured person and the insured person, a contract whose purpose is financial protection, and that there is a specific policy between individuals and insurance companies through which the individual obtains financial protection or financial compensation from a company The insurance policy is used to reduce and prevent risk losses: small and large, knowing that the purpose of the insurance policy can be life insurance, or insurance Health, or home. But beware of hidden fats, that is found in meat, milk products, refreshments, desserts, fast food and packaged canned meals.。 。 。 。 。 。