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He has had an unrequited crush on his ex-classmate Sekiguchi Satomi since high school days. Mungkin pengaruh budaya yang sudah semakin terbuka juga ya sekarang ini. Dari situ baru liat karakter original masing2 kyk gmn. Tokyo Love Story tidak luput dari tren tersebut. Pekerjaan yang pas sekali dengan sosok Satomi yang lembut, sopan, manis dan terus terang saja - labil, haha. She is a pretty girl with a warm heart. Before I watch this year version I read the. It also made me crave for grounded to reality romance stories with realistic characters because in these past years most romance Japanese dramas are just filled with over the top characters, like how many grounded romance dramas we get these past years, Koinaka? Its breezy, super-popular theme song underlines the brio and confidence of 1990s Japan, a time when J-dramas were trending across Asia. A model attribution edit summary Content in this edit is translated from the existing Japanese Wikipedia article at [[:ja:東京ラブストーリー]]; see its history for attribution. I've only seen her in low budget non mainstream movies but I can already tell she is an excellent actress, not your typical cutesy Japanese actresses which seems to be the trend for god knows how long. Kind of complicated relationship. Kanji Nagao tetap seorang pemuda naif, polos, kaku dan sederhana. The male leads are also good, Sho Kiyohara is charismatic and Ito Kentaro suprisingly fits the role. So after finished watching it now I think the 2020 version follows the manga. Rika gets pregnant with Waga's child not shown in the drama version. Sudah lama cara ini ditempuh industri hiburan dengan dalih membuat versi baru yang lebih modern, supaya mudah diterima generasi baru sekaligus menimbulkan nuansa nostalgia untuk generasi sebelumnya. Pada versi 1991, Rika terlihat langsung terobsesi pada Kanji sejak episode pertama, pada versi baru ini - Rika terlihat santai dan belum terlalu menunjukkan perasaannya pada Kanji. 2009—2011 2010s. Dia ditugaskan ke departemen penjualan Tokyo di mana rekannya Akana Rika menangani pekerjaannya. He turns to a medical school classmate, Nagasaki, and begins pursuing her. She chooses Mikami, even though their relationship is not easy either. Entah apakah sengaja dibuat berbeda atau ada maksud lain, Kanji versi Kentaro sangat canggung setiap berhadapan dengan Rika. Satomi is not my favorite character anyway. But anyway whether I get the commentary part or not, it's still a great captivating romance that seems lost in the modern age of Japanese dramas. 2005—2008• 3, 4, 6, 8, 10• Meanwhile, Satomi thinks that Mikami was just playing with her when he kissed her, and so she rejects him. It was a time when neither Starbucks nor Uniqlo were available and a time when both Kanji and Mikami smoked cigarettes. 2008• Rika: Satomi, do you like Kanchi? 2004—2014• The acting is also very good, Anna Ishii seems to have no problem conveying the necessary emotions but it is Ishibashi Shizuka who currently owning the show. Hidekazu Mashima as Natsuki Waga• Characters Kanji is a young man from the countryside who moves to the big city. Contents• Of course, my favorite character is Rika. Tokyo Love Story - yang diangkat dari manga berjudul sama karangan Saimon Fumi 1988 - 1990 -bercerita tentang Mikami, Kanji, dan Satomi yang telah berteman sejak mereka masih kanak-kanak dan tumbuh di kota kecil yang sama di Prefektur Ehime di pulau Shikoku. Nagao Kanji works for an advertising agency in his hometown of Ehime Prefecture. Hope you enjoy reading my posts! as Ken'ichi Mikami• Creator. After 29 years, the 2020 version was released with the same title. Plot [ ] Mikami, Kanji, and Satomi have been friends since they were children, having grown up in the same small town in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. Ishibashi Shizuka akan mengemban misi sulit untuk memerankan seorang Rika yang sangat melegenda. Cast• He is all big eyes about everything and he is excited about his new life. Pantas saja kalau serial ini terus dikenang hingga sekarang. Suatu hari, Kanji diundang untuk minum oleh Mikami Kenichi, mantan teman sekelas dari kota asalnya yang sekarang di Tokyo, dan ia juga bertemu kembali dengan Sekiguchi Satomi yang memiliki perasaan untuknya. There have been rumours in office that Rika is in a relationship with their boss Waga Natsuki. Cast [ ]• The potential is through the roof and it could become one of the best Japanese drama this year or even set the bar for the best romance dramas for the coming years. He is assigned to the Tokyo sales department where his colleague Akana Rika takes care of his work. Rika Akana yang ikonik So far sih, Shizuka masih harus berusaha lebih keras untuk mengambil hati penonton. These young actors were not born during the time of the first drama. Just finished this Japanese Drama with sad feelings. Kisah Rika-Kanji yang everlasting Saya sudah menonton dua episode awal Tokyo Love Story 2020 dan sedang menonton-ulang Tokyo Love Story, untuk membandingkan dari segi cerita. In the poster for the brave remake of the classic, you will likely notice the grey skies rather than the bright lights of the big city. No matter what happened, the fact will never change. Karena ada rumor di kantor bahwa Rika menjalin hubungan dengan bos mereka, Waga Natsuki. The drama was a character-driven story, and it was well managed and interesting. Kentaro and Shizuka already got that insane chemistry, the kouhai senpai office romance was handled perfectly. Sementara untuk yang penasaran dengan versi lamanya, bisa cek di mumpung ada yang upload lengkap. Sampai saat ini, dorama ini masih dikenal sebagai salah satu dorama terbaik yang pernah diproduksi, bahkan disebut-sebut sebagai salah satu. Tokyo Love story is a remake of the classic Japanese drama in the 90's, I haven't watched the original but all I know is it is a classic and the ending is divisive. She offers to buy him lunch in exchange. It's also interesting to see how this story is different from the original and seems it would be a fascinating experience to see the same story told in different times, no social media, no smart phones and to compare how Tokyo in 1991 different from 2020. Tokyo Love Story was adapted as a dorama in 1991. The four leads have their own portions in this drama. If she was real, I would love to be her friend. He is introduced by the department manager Waga Natsuki to a colleague Akana Rika who is assigned to help him with his work. The question now is will they dare to change the ending this time around. I love the whole vibe in this drama, the cinematography and music compliments each other, with captivating dialogue and scenes that just flows naturally. Catch up with Kiyohara Sho by watching his other dramas and Satomi is a friend of Kanji and Kanichi. It is her who is a Tokyo native where other 3 characters are from the countryside. Satomi yang berhasil membuat persahabatan Kanji dan Mikami sempat goyah ini tidak banyak berbeda di versi 1991 dan 2020. He comes from Ehime Prefecture and is a medical student attending medical college in Tokyo. During his medical study, he meets a girl he actually likes and wants to protect, Nagasaki Naoko Takada Riho. Remake, recycle, aransemen ulang, versi baru, daur ulang, tribute, adaptasi, adopsi, yah apapun namanya, intinya bukan versi pertama. Awal dekade 90an, tepatnya tahun 1994, dorama serial Jepang produksi Fuji TV ini tayang pertama kali di stasiun TV swasta, Indosiar. a machine-translated version of the Japanese article. Atmovie is credited for production cooperation. Dua-duanya sangat menyegarkan untuk saya. Rika versi 1991 karakter terbaik cocok duet dengan Kanchii 2020, mikami 2020 lebih oke. Namun, Rika akhirnya bergabung dengan mereka ketika dia memberikan dompet Kanji yang ditinggalkannya di kantor. The manga previously inspired a live-action series in 1991 that also aired on Fuji TV. Empat tokoh utama Tokyo Love Story versi Manga Dorama ini berjumlah 11 episode dan saat ditayangkan pertama kali di tahun 1991, rating Tokyo Love Story selalu tinggi. She is so bright, typical city girl and positive vibes. as Kanji Nagao• Sekiguchi Satomi whom Kanji has always had feelings for also comes, and he yearns for this reunion. However, their relationship is a bit unstable because Kanji is dating her on the rebound, and Rika has been having a not so secret affair with her and Kanji's boss, Waga. She decides not to marry either one of them and just live with the Man she loves, the baby in her tummy. Nagao Kanji bekerja di sebuah biro iklan di kota kelahirannya di Prefektur Ehime. Tokyo has changed a lot since then. She comes from Ehime Prefecture and is working at a nursery school in Tokyo. 「出会いと再会」20. She had an affair with their boss, Mr. Di tempat kerja, ia bertemu dengan kolega baru yang lincah, Rika, serta dipersatukan kembali dengan teman-teman baiknya dari rumah — Mikami dan Satomi. Kanji, Satomi and Mikami have been friend since they were child. Dorame versi baru bisa ditonton di dengan teks bahasa Indonesia atau Inggris. Kanji is last to arrive, having gotten a new job in Heart Sports' sales department and transferring to the Tokyo office. Waga, but eventually she ended the relationship. as Tokiko• Ishibashi Shizuka as Akana Rika Born in Shibuya in Tokyo, she has gone straight on from kindergarten to a private university without having to take an entrance exam. Original Work Tokyo Love Story by Saimon Fumi Scriptwriter Kitagawa Ayako Watashi ni XX Shinasai, Onna Kudoki Meshi Series, Ofukou-san Theme Song Touka by Vaundy Related Post:• I like how the characters developed in this drama. Mungkin kedua, ketiga atau lebih. di hari itu dan di tempat itu , bila kita tak pernah berjumpa , mungkin kita tak akan percaya , kau dan aku saling suka dan cinta Siapa yang otomatis menyanyi saat membaca lirik lagu di atas? She ends up joining them when she comes over. Satomi Sekiguchi yang ditaksir Kanji sejak duduk di bangku sekolah, sekarang adalah seorang guru taman kanak-kanak. 2009—2017• But after watching this drama I can see that this drama is about first love. When he meets Rika, he is a bit intimidated by her carefree and nonchallenging character, but he falls for her and he is willing to change his ways for her. What else I can't think of any. Sepertinya akan banyak sekali debat-debat lucu Rika dan Kanji melalui SNS, yang dulunya hanya dilakukan melalui cordless phone. However, Rika will always love him. Ishibashi Shizuka was the star of the drama and she did an amazing job with her character. Tokyo Love Story untuk saya selalu identik dengan Rika Akana yang enerjik dan membuat saya selalu tersenyum melihat tingkahnya. The coming week: MONDAY JUN 28 Okaeri Mone Ep 31 NHK Tantei Hoshikamo Ep 10 NTV Chef wa Meitantei Ep 5 TV Tokyo Hikaru Genji-kun Season 2 Ep 4 NHK Night Doctor Ep 2 Fuji TV TUESDAY JUN 29 Okaeri Mone Ep 32 NHK WEDNESDAY JUN 30 Okaeri Mone Ep 33 NHK Tokusou 9 Season 4 Ep 13 TV Asahi Nibun no Ichi Fuufu Ep 4 TV Tokyo THURSDAY JUL 1 Okaeri Mone Ep 34 NHK IP Cyber Sousa-han Ep 1 TV Asahi Itaike ni Koishite Ep 1 NTV FRIDAY JUL 2 Okaeri Mone Ep 35 NHK Love Phantom Ep 8 MBS Mukou no Hate Ep 8 WOWOW Hitori de Nomeru mon! 2002—2004• Overall My overall rating for the Japanese Drama Tokyo Love Story is 8 out of 10. Anak-anak 90an pasti sedikit banyak ingat akan dorama satu ini. A serious, sincere, sensible and conservative A student. Kanji terakhir tiba, setelah pindah ke kantor Tokyo. Although she will not admit it herself, she has secretly liked Mikami Kenichi since high school days. He always makes Rika runs away from him. Kanji is assigned to move to Tokyo office and Rika is the one who helps the orientation. 2003—2011• Mikami is Kanji's best male friend and Satomi is their platonic female friend whom both have had a crush on since high school. It seems they altered Rika's character in this version which made me think, this drama is part commentary where Rika symbolizes Tokyo in the story. Mikami adalah teman pria terbaik Kanji dan Satomi adalah teman wanita platonis mereka yang keduanya taksir sejak SMA. When he meets her again in Tokyo, he is secretly excited. Heartbroken, Kanji will find comfort in Rika, who will suggest that they should start an epic love story. After years, Kanji, Mikami, Naoko and Satomi are meeting up and Kanji finally announces that he and Satomi decides to get married. Now, all three are in their early 20s and have made their way to Tokyo for different reasons. Thank you for living well, Rika! Tokyo Love Story 2020 dijanjikan membawa nuansa modern yang berbeda, di antaranya memasukkan unsur smartphone dan SNS social networking site - sejauh yang saya tonton sampai episode 2, tentu saja Line Messenger buatan Jepang yang dipakai. At work, he meets a vivacious new colleague, Rika, as well as being reunited with his best friends from home—Mikami and Satomi. Pemeran Kanji di seri baru adalah Ito Kentaro, yang terus terang saja dibandingkan dengan Oda yang terlihat dewasa - Kentaro masih terlihat anak-anak di sini. 2001—2002• The cast includes from left to right in image below as Kanji Nagao, Shizuka Ishibashi as Rika Akana, Anna Ishii as Satomi Sekiguchi, and Sho Kiyohara as Kenichi Mikami. Narimi Arimori yang memerankan Satomi di tahun 1991 terlihat lebih plinplan, irit bicara dan sering salah menangkap maksud perkataan orang lain. 2006—2010• Mikami 1991 yang diperankan oleh Yosuke Eguchi ini sungguh bad-boy dan menyebalkan sekali perangainya. as Satomi Sekiguchi• Sementara Satomi di Tokyo Love Story 2020 yang diperankan Ishii Anna - walau sebagian besar perilakunya sama - nampak lebih memiliki keberanian dalam berpendapat. Her portrayal of Rika is so captivating, she is fierce and energetic and that gorgeous smile omg. It's like they are presenting her like how Tokyo became stronger after the bubble burst. Eventually Kanji realizes Satomi's feelings, and he chooses her over Rika. Kerutan di dahinya selalu muncul setiap bertemu Rika, bahkan ada adegan di mana ia pura-pura tidak melihat keberadaan Rika karena malu kayaknya sama kelakuan Rika haha. There are rumors about her dating her boss, but she shows interest in young Kanji, who can make her laugh. The situation becomes more complicated as Kanji sees Mikami forcedly kissing Satomi, which upsets Kanji deeply. It aired on in 11 episodes plus one special between January and March 1991. justru satomi 1991 nih lebih kuat karakter yg memang sosok plin-plan Nah untuk temen dikedokteran yg jadi istri mikami peran 2020 lebih mantul Btw tau ga link komik tokyo love story? However, she is very unlucky when it comes to love. as Ishii• Berbeda dengan versi 1991, Kiyohara Sho memerankan Mikami versi bucin Satomi. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. 2004—2019• —— Tokyo Love Story Manga Gets New Live-Action Series posted on 2020-01-24 03:53 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda Manga previously inspired 1991 live-action series announced on Friday that it is producing a new live-action series adaptation of 's manga that will debut on Fuji TV 's on demand service and this spring. Rika is a free-spirited modern, professional woman who sees life differently. I see that Kanji is kind of passive person, awkward but warm. Sesuatu yang tidak dapat dilakukan Satomi di tahun 1991. Ini adalah peran utama Shizuka di layar kaca, setelah sebelumnya sempat membintangi banyak film layar lebar. as Satomi Sekiguchi• Story Kanji moves to Tokyo due to his work as an advertiser. Popular Posts• Ito Kentaro was pretty great as Kanji and his performance was smooth and emotional. Pada versi 1991, Yuji Oda memerankan Kanji yang selalu tampak terganggu dengan kehadiran Rika. Sosok Rika Akana versi Shizuka lebih cuek, to the point dan santai. Sejauh ini, versi 2020 memiliki pace cerita yang lebih cepat dan selain lebih modern, juga lebih vulgar. He also reunites with his old classmate, Kenichi, who is studying to become a doctor, and Satomi, for whom he has feelings for. Machine translation like or is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia. 2009—2010• This remake made me want to check the original since the story and the characters are just excellent, and I only watched one episode. as Watanabe Production staff [ ]• T okyo Love Story mengawali hujan dorama di tv Indonesia yang mengikuti setelahnya. Saimon's manga inspired an original video anime project in 1992. Recent Posts• 2004—2009• Kenichi Mikami adalah sosok bad boy berhati rinto yang disukai banyak perempuan, tapi pada akhirnya tidak akan ada yang memilihnya sebagai pasangan hidup. Susah sekali menampik pesona Rika Akana yang diperankan Suzuki di sini, apalagi senyumnya yang khas dan seperti menularkan radiasi. Coming from Ehime Prefecture, the 3 moved to Tokyo where Nagao Kanji Ito Kentaro met Akana Rika Ishibashi Shizuka. Salah satunya, Satomi versi Anna mampu menghardik Mikami yang tidak mengindahkan pesan orangtuanya. Tokyo Love Story 2020 baru saja tayang 29 April 2020 lalu, dan seterusnya akan tayang seminggu sekali setiap hari Rabu sebanyak 11 episode plus 1 episode spesial kalau mengikuti versi 1991. Sekarang, ketiganya telah berusia awal 20-an dan pergi ke Tokyo karena berbagai alasan. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Tingkah lakunya seenaknya, walaupun terhadap Satomi, perempuan yang sebenarnya ia taksir. as Rika Akana• There have been rumours in office that Rika is in a relationship with their boss Waga Natsuki - JDrama Weblog• Rika juga terlihat lebih bebas menunjukkan affairnya dengan sang atasan, dibandingkan versi lama. Kanji is immediately invited to drinks by Mikami Kenichi, a former high school classmate from his hometown who is now in Tokyo. 2004—2005• One day, Kanji is invited to drinks by Mikami Kenichi, a former classmate from his hometown who is now in Tokyo, and he is also reunited with Sekiguchi Satomi who has feelings for him. 2007• However, there have been rumours in office that Rika is in a relationship with their boss Waga. Langsung saja kita bandingkan empat tokoh pemeran utama versi 1991 dan 2020 sekarang ya. Kalimat itu keluar dari mulut Mikami sendiri sebenarnya, menyadari dengan sepenuhnya kalau dirinya bukan pria yang bisa dibanggakan. Jadi, hati-hati ya kalau ingin menonton versi 2020 ketika di tempat umum LOL. 2002—2003• 2008—2012• 2004—2007• Sementara Tokyo Love Story 2020 membawa saya menikmati kehidupan kaum muda urban di Tokyo, dengan tidak adanya satu tokoh pun yang mencolok, sehingga saya bisa menikmati interaksi di antara mereka. 2008—2013• At first, she gets involved with Nagao Kanji out of curiosity and then proactively goes after him. 2003—2019• While utilizing the characters, smartphones and SNS which were not in the original will naturally appear. Sekiguchi Satomi Ishii Anna is the kindergarten teacher and Mikami Kenichi Kiyohara Sho is a Medical Student. He doubts with his heart weather in love with Satomi or Rika. The affair is de-emphasized in the TV series, but in the manga, the affair is much more important. She falls in love with Kanji, impressed by his pure personality and how he treats her. The manga centers on Kanji "Kanchi" Nagao, a directionless salaryman; Rika Akana, a cheerful and freewheeling woman; Kenichi Mikami, a medical student and Kanchi's roommate who is loyal to the women he loves; and Satomi Sekiguchi, Kanchi's classmate who has a crush on him. You must provide in the accompanying your translation by providing an to the source of your translation. 2007—2010• 2008—2012• as Rika Akana• Berbeda dengan Kanji versi Oda yang tidak butuh waktu lama untuk membalas godaan-godaan Rika, Kanji versi Kentaro masih terlihat bingung dan gugup setiap Rika menggodanya. 2008—2010• Some 30 years on, Japanese pop culture has lost its shine with the rise of the Korean wave. Adegan seksual Rika dengan sang atasan dan Kanji sudah menghiasi dua episode awal serial ini. as Natsuki Waga• Tokyo Love Story presented the complexity of human emotions and human relationships. Berikutnya teaser Tokyo Love Story 2020 Sejauh ini saya sangat menikmati dua versi dorama ini. But he heals his broken heart by developing strong feelings for Rika, who is energetic, funny, encouraging and caring. Tidak heran juga kenapa setelah hampir 30 tahun tayang, akhirnya Tokyo Love Story kembali dibuat ulang. 2006—2007• He is assigned to the sales department of its Tokyo headquarters. Both characters have depth and well written, they look so good together. is credited for planning and production, and Takeshi Moriya and Yurie Morimoto are credited as producers. A naive young lady who behaves with abandon and lives according to her feelings. Baru 2 episode saja, mereka berdua sudah pacaran dan Mikami dengan sukarela langsung meninggalkan semua perempuan-perempuan lain yang dekat dengannya, Menarik melihat perkembangan sosok Mikami di Tokyo Love Story 2020 ini. While walking together, they talk about Rika. I love the original Tokyo Love Story my all-time favorite , it started my obsession with J-Doramas back then. 2009• Akibatnya, Kanji versi baru ini lebih sering mengikuti maunya Rika sejauh episode 2 ini. 2008—2013• The drama's theme song, "" by is. 2005—2008• Walaupun begitu, saat tidak sedang berdebat, keduanya bisa saling menghibur satu sama lain. He is a playboy who cares only about himself. 230• Cinematography The drama had a fast paced story and their cinematography of Tokyo gave the right aesthetics to the drama. However, Rika calls him about delivering his wallet which he had left in office. The original Rika seems to be representing the uncertainties during those times where her version symbolizes the resolve after that crash.。 。 。 。 。